Easy Recipe Deluxe

Easy Recipe Deluxe 1.6.265

Keep your favorite recipes organized in a clear database


  • Clear interface to catalogue and display recipes
  • Creates shopping list based on dishes you want to prepare
  • Export your cooking book in HTML file
  • Add a picture to your recipes


  • Not many recipes you can choose from
  • No download of extra recipes
  • No calories counter tool

If you think cooking is just for people with lots of time and that ultimately it's just time taken to pursue other more 'intelligent' activities, you should think again. Cooking is actually a creative task that stimulates all your senses and your brain. The only question is where to start?

Have a look at Easy Recipe Deluxe, as it contains some interesting servings divided by categories and style. If you need a secure place to write down and catalog your grandmother's secret recipes, try this well-organized database. It has some extra features that allow you to create shopping lists based on the dishes you are going to prepare and you can export your cookbook in HTML or send it by mail to a friend.

The list of Easy Recipe Deluxe categories is huge and ranges from Appetizers, Breakfast, Microwave and Puddings to Stir-Fries and Vegetable dishes. You can also choose a recipe based on the main ingredient, or the style of cuisine.

I liked Easy Recipe Deluxe's clear interface, the photo of the dishes and the possibility of adding personal comments to the instructions. What I found annoying is the impossibility of downloading new online recipes and the fact that there are no step-by-step images on how to prepare the meal.

Don't store your favorite recipes on paper when you can have them all well organized in a clear database like Easy Recipe Deluxe. Unfortunately, though, it's not a great source of 'cooking inspiration'.

Easy Recipe Deluxe is a full-featured easy to use recipe database, meal planning and grocery shopping management program.

With Easy Recipe Deluxe, organizing and browsing your database is easy. The recipes are organized by categories, main ingredients and cuisine styles with a Windows Explorer-style interface. The Quick Lookup buttons allow you to list recipes alphabetically. The powerful search utility lets you search across cookbooks. The Recipe Editor is designed to make recipe entry and editing an easy task, supported formats can be pasted directly into the editor. Most commonly used items such as categories, cuisine styles etc. are available from the drop down boxes. Every time you enter a new item, the program will add it to the database automatically and it'll be available for the next entry. Easy Recipe Deluxe also comes with an nutrition database contains over 6,000 ingredients with USDA data. The ingredients in your recipes can be linked to the nutrition database. It calculates the nutrition values automatically. Nutrition values can be viewed as per serving, recipe total or individual ingredient. The Meal Planner is simple and strait forward. The powerful search functions can help you to locate your favorite recipes quickly and efficiently. Easy Recipe Deluxe also comes with a Grocery & Shopping Manager. It allows you to create your own grocery database. The grocery database contains many useful information for creating your shopping list, such as stores, aisles, categories, etc. To create a shopping list of your recipes is a snap, it allows you to select multiple recipes at once. With a single mouse click, the program calculates the total amount of each ingredient and imports cost information from the ingredient database automatically. Easy Recipe Deluxe cookbooks are in native MS Access database format, it supports all standard SQL commands. With SQL, you can make massive changes to the database with a single pass. Easy Recipe Deluxe also supports recipes in many other popular formats, such as Meal-Master and MasterCook. The import utility can convert these formats into Easy Recipe Deluxe cookbooks. Many other useful features such as transferring recipes between cookbooks, create copies of existing recipes, search and replace, and more...

Easy Recipe Deluxe


Easy Recipe Deluxe 1.6.265

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